It's been awhile since Roslyn Kind released a NEW recording.  However, for the last year Roslyn Kind “Rozzie” has been in the studio working on a new CD hopefully to be ready in early-mid 2019. In the meantime, through the encouragement of friends, fans and family, she has released the digitial single that has become so very important to her as both a woman and an American, entitled "SAVE THE COUNTRY" available now on CD Baby at

“I thought this would be the right time to release this first single from the compilation…so we are doing so digitally. I hope you enjoy it!” says Roslyn “It has been a creative journey of love this time around. Collaborating with the multitalented producer/arranger extraordinaire, Stephan Oberhoff, my time in studio is inspiring me to take more chances vocally and arrangement wise…”try being a little more out of the box”.  So far we have four completed masters ready to go as we are on our fifth work in progress. Luckily we have had the luxury of time to experiment with different ideas. I have never before worked this way and I must say it keeps the process exciting

As a teenager living in New York City, Roslyn recalled when Laura Nyro wrote and recorded “SAVE THE COUNTRY” during a period of great political unrest. She fet the lyric was even more relevant today as many people fight for freedom and justice.

While working on her version of  “SAVE THE COUNTRY”, Stephan played a chord, and at that moment the Stephen Stills song ,”FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH” also came into her head…. And it all fell into place.

Roslyn Kind breaks her own mold with this recording of “Save The Country," utilizing a wide variety of musical genres to express the urgency of the song in today's context. Beginning with a Delta Blues introduction with slide guitars, then taking it to the city streets of New York with swinging R&B shuffle beats and uptempo saxophone and violin solos, and ending up in a Gospel church with a large choir proclaiming the deeper meaning of “Save The Country”, Roslyn is transforming this American classic into an urgent global call to action.

Roslyn Kind is a dynamic, multitalented entertainer who has forged a successful career in all facets of entertainment from critically acclaimed recordings to sold-out performances on Broadway and in top venues and nightclubs the world over. Roslyn is her very own special creation, a singer's singer whose star shines brightly with it's individual sparkling light.  Apart from possessing a uniquely sizzling vocal style, she is warm, funny and joyous, sharing that joy with each and every one of her countless fans.

A child of the sixties, she began recording her first album on RCA the afternoon of her High School graduation. This first compilation, “Give Me You”, reflected the music of her time…..contemporary pop, which includes Lennon/McCartney's “Fool On The Hill”, Neil  Diamond's “A Modern Day Version Of Love” and Barry Mann and Cynthia Weill's “The Shape Of Things To Come”.

Her follow up singles and second album, 'This Is Roslyn Kind” showcased her growth as a recording artist. Her CD “Come What May”, described by The New York Times as “Splendid and Sizzling” further establishes her reputation as a virtuoso vocalist possessing impeccable phrasing, and a richness and clarity of tone and an undeniable emotional connection to her always first rate material.

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