Petri Hawkins Byrd and Makita Bond-Byrd Reinvented Themselves While facing the Pandemic and Stage 4 Cancer By Offering Fans

After 25 years on the hit series, Judge Judy, Petri Hawkins Byrd ("Byrd") began to pursue other opportunities that are now opening up to him. Most recently, he appeared in a guest starring role as a reverend on the hit series, "The Bold and the Beautiful."  Now, Judith Sheindlin has expanding her footprint at Amazon Freevee (fka IMDb TV) with a second court program to join Judy Justice and a new Amazon series Tribunal, a panel-based show starring Patricia DiMango and Tanya Acker. They will be joined by fan-favorite former Judge Judy bailiff Petri Hawkins-Byrd, who will be the new show's bailiff. Like Judy Justice, Tribunal is distributed by Scott Koondel & Sox Entertainment. Former CBS executive Koondel and Sheindlin, who have worked together for 22 years, are executive producing the new program.

Also for your interview connsideration is Petri's wife and Emmy nominated producer for the Court show Judge Judy and more - Makita Bond-Byrd.  In March 2021, they discovered a mass on her brain. diagnoised as a tumor. She ended up having surgery to have it removed and has went through many adversities with positivity.

Together, they decided to battle what life was throwing at them (between the pandemic and cancer) and share their inspiring creating Bonding with Byrd ( ) to connect with friends and extended fan family.


Petri Hawkins Byrd is the Bailiff on JUDGE JUDY, which has been the #1 show in first-run syndication for 10 consecutive seasons. TheEmmyAward-winning programr eturned for its 24th season on September 9, 2019.

A native of Brooklyn, N.Y., Hawkins Byrd (“Byrd”) received his Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in 1989.    During this time, Byrd worked as a court officer in the Brooklyn Family Court system. In 1986, he was transferred to the Manhattan Family Court system, where he worked on a rotating basis with all the judges, including Judge Judith Sheindlin.

“I was never bored in her courtroom,” he said. “Her get-to-the-point style didn't always sit well with the litigants, and there were times she was definitely glad to have me around.”

In 1990, Byrd relocated to San Mateo, Calif., to serve as a Special Deputy U.S. Marshall. Three years later, he accepted an offer to work as a student counselor at Monta Vista High School in Santa Clara, Calif. After reading a story about Judge Sheindlin's new book and upcoming television show in a 1995 Liz Smith column, Byrd decided to send a letter congratulating the judge, and jokingly asked if she would be interested in having him serve at her sideagain. To his surprise, Judge Sheindlin returned Byrd's letter with a phone call and offered him the job.

In addition to his work on JUDGE JUDY, Byrd has appeared numerous times on stage as a stand-upcomedian and actor. He has also acted in films, television and commercials, as well as provided voiceover work for radio, television and video games. Byrd's success has also made him a sought-after motivational speaker. In his spare time, he sings, writes music and poetry.

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