Starring Edward Asner, Frances Fisher, Elliott Gould, Valerie Harper, Lainie Kazan, Alan Rosenberg, and founder of The Survivor Mitzvah Project and CNN HERO Zane Buzby, "THE LAST SURVIVORS - ECHOES FROM THE HOLOCAUST," has been accepted for Emmy consideration in the following categories: OUTSTANDING SPECIAL CLASS PROGRAM, OUTSTANDING WRITING FOR A VARIETY SPECIAL, OUTSTANDING DIRECTING FOR A VARIETY SPECIAL

For your voting consideration: Filmed on location in Eastern Europe and at the Simon Wiesenthal Center's Museum of Tolerance, The Survivor Mitzvah Project ( presents the inspiring story of the last survivors of the Holocaust still living in Eastern Europe and the heroic efforts to bring emergency aid to these forgotten heroes.   

The Survivor Mitzvah Project invites you to view this compelling production, by visiting: Next confirmed airings are May 22nd, June 10th. Oct 2nd, Nov 9th and Dec 24th on Time Warner/Direct TV

THE LAST SURVIVORS – ECHOES FROM THE HOLOCAUST is a one-hour television special that takes the viewer on a journey through the lives of elderly Holocaust survivors in remote villages in Eastern Europe, giving voice to their compelling stories of loss and perseverance in moving and powerful performances.

QUOTE: "I was moved by Zane Buzby¹s passion; seeing her video and reading the letters brought me to tears. I love being able to directly help these forgotten heroes through the reading of their letters."— Frances Fisher

Fighting as Partisans in the forests, surviving concentration camps, witnessing the brutal massacres of their families, and silenced for decades, these survivors are now elderly and alone and thankful to finally have their stories told as their gift to future generations.  This special program illuminates the work of The Survivor Mitzvah Project, which brings emergency aid to Holocaust survivors in eight countries — providing them with food, medicine, heat, shelter and most of all, loving kindness. To the survivors, The Survivor Mitzvah Project is “a light in the darkness” and “a gift from destiny.”

QUOTE: "Dear Zane, It¹s a privilege for me to participate in The Survivor Mitzvah Project. To aid the remaining, isolated and forgotten survivors, and to make sure that we never forget the atrocities and the horror of the Holocaust. Thank you." —Elliott Gould

These Holocaust survivors, isolated and forgotten, live in locations that were invaded by Nazi mobile killing squads that systematically killed every man woman and child in thousands of towns and villages all across Eastern Europe. Many ran from the killing fields only to find themselves caught in ghettos and forced labor camps. Some fled to Central Asia where they endured slavery and starvation. Most are sole survivors of their families.

QUOTE: "I think the Survivor Mitzvah Project is extraordinary. I am very moved by this project and it touches me deeply. I am a proud Jew and cannot bear to think of what these elderly survivors have been through. I think it is noble and generous of spirit and heart that the Survivor Mitzvah Project has written a more hopeful final chapter for these Holocaust survivors. I am proud to participate..." — Lainie Kazan

The Survivor Mitzvah Project, a 501c3 non-profit public charity, is an urgent humanitarian effort which searches in villages and remote areas for elderly survivors in desperate need. SMP brings them lifesaving aid, records their stories, and is dedicated to writing a more hopeful final chapter to the Holocaust … one of friendship, kindness and compassion.

QUOTE:  “Look around the world and see what needs to be done, and do that. And that’s what Zane has done with THE SURVIVOR MITZVAH PROJECT, and she’s inviting us to join her in it. I’m so happy, I’m so thrilled to part of this effort.” — Valerie Harper

Please contact me at or call 626.296.3757 with any interest in speaking to Ms. Zane Buzby about her experiences behind the scenes with Holocaust survivors as well as the amazing stars that so graciously lent their voices and talent to this monumental and historic endeavor.