The success of the recent reuniting of the Knots Landing ladies has spawned a national and internation requests for the lovely ladies of Knots to appear in person for Q&A with fans.

The Hollywood Museum held its first Lobby tribute of 2020, reuniting three remarkable leading ladies, Joan Van Ark, Michele Lee and Donna Mills, for the 40th anniversary of "Knots Landing," unveiling costumes worn by the three Knots' stars on the series, on loan from Warner Brothers and personal collections.

“Knots Landing” was one of the quintessential prime time television soap operas, airing on CBS from December 27, 1979, to May 13, 1993.  A spin-off of “Dallas,” (although created prior) it was set in a fictitious coastal suburb of Los Angeles and initially centered on the lives of four married couples living on the cul-de-sac, Seaview Circle. By the time of its conclusion, storylines had included rape, murder, kidnapping, assassinations, drug smuggling, corporate intrigue, and criminal investigations; and it had became one of the longest-running primetime dramas on U.S.

"Everyone has been speculating what would Karen (her character on Knots) be doing now.  Some think she would be political and campaigning to become America's first woman President," remarked Michele Lee.

Joan Van Ark (Valene) took great pride in having been married more times than any of the others on the show and shared a framed photo of herself and castmates (Michele and Donna) surrounded by a heart, saying "This photo has always been on display in my house. It represents the close bound we had then and now and we are 'Knot' done yet."  

Donna Mills expressed the appreciation they all had and have for the fans that continue to show their devotion to the show and the cast members. "A day does not go by that someone doesn't share their favorite memory or scene from the series ... or to tell me how awful they thought Abby was."  

“Knots Landing” was created by David Jacobs in conjunction with producer Michael Filerman. While it's a spin-off of “Dallas,” the concept predates that series, and was rebuffed by CBS. Jacobs then created “Dallas,” which the network accepted and premiered in 1978. After “Dallas” became a hit, Jacobs was then able to adapt “Knots Landing” as a spin-off series by way of incorporating characters introduced in the parent series.

Though not as popular in the ratings, at first, as “Dallas,” “Knots Landing” eventually outlasted it and garnered much critical acclaim. This can be attributed, in part, to more dramatic storylines and the gradual inclusion of newer characters to interact with the original cast. By the 1988-89 season, “Knots Landing” was ahead of “Dallas” in the ratings.

In 1997, much of the cast reunited for a two-part mini-series entitled “Knots Landing: Back to the Cul-de-Sac.” In 2005, they reunited again for the non-fiction special “Knots Landing Reunion: Together Again,” in which the cast reminisced about their time on the show.  One of the earliest series to envelope storylines around their leading women, rather than the men, the already established talents of Joan Van Ark, Michele Lee and Donna Mills carried the show and contributed greatly to the fan base of the series.

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