Son of American TV mom, Marion Ross (Happy Days/Gilmore Girls/Brooklyn Bridge), Jim Meskimen has become THE actor that Hollywood is turning to appear as historic or recognizable characters, currently playing Senator Edward Gurney (opposite Julia Roberts and Sean Penn) in GASLIT and, just announced, portraying Phil Donahue in WELCOME TO CHIPPENDALES (starring Murray Barlett, Juliette Lewis and Dan Stevens), as well as Colonel Sanders in the popular KFC and George Washington (crossing the Dleaware Turnpike) GEICO commercials.

Jim is also currently appearing in HUNTERS (starring Al Pacino and Carol Kane) and a reoccurring role in THE BIG DOOR PRIZE (by Creators of Schitt's Creek), as well as having roles in films such as FROST/NIXON, APOLLO 13, THE PAPER, and VIRAL VIGNETTES, and TV productions as an actor, impressionist, voice-artist and improvisational comedian on WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY and IMPRESS ME. In addition, Jim has a dozen productions in both pre and post production.

Jim's ability to recreate true to life characters is not limited to acting, but noted impersonations as well. We invite you to listen to this sample link of his vocal expertise on the voices of individuals such as Sir Patrick Stewart, President GW Bush, Morgan Freeman, Robin Williams, Tommy Lee Jones, Christopher Walkin, Sam Elliott, Sir Ian McKellen.

Jim has also launched his online course in "Becoming A Working Actor," now available at:

Son of America's Mom, Marion Ross (Mrs C./Happy Days) Impressionist, Voice-Artist and Comedian, Jim Meskimen, Breaks Out With Three Upcoming Productions, Including: HUNTERS, GASLIT and THE BIG DOOR PRIZE With Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, Al Pacino, Carole Kane & Portraying Phil Donahue in the untitled Chippendales project

Jim Meskimen is an actor, impressionist, voice-artist and improvisational comedian best known for his work on WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY and IMPRESS ME. Currently playing Colonel Sanders in the popular KFC commercials, as well as President George Washington crossing the Delaware Turnpike for Geiko ( ), which led his mother, Marion Ross (Mrs C/Happy Days) to claim that she is now the mother of the father of our country.

Now, with his own star on the rise, Jim has appeared in films such as FROST/NIXON, APOLLO 13 and THE PAPER, recently adding series such as Amazon's HUNTERS (With Al Pacino, Carol Kane & Saul Rubinek), the Starz networks GASLIT (opposite Sean Penn and Julia Roberts / Trailer, and Apple TV's THE BIG DOOR PRIZE, by the creators of Schitts Creek.

Jim Meskimen, whose work is already well-known to TV and film audiences. He appeared on the British series Whose Line Is It Anyway? (1988) several times, and was a recurring character on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990) for two seasons. He has worked with director Ron Howard on five of his films, including The Paper (1994), Apollo 13 (1995), Edtv (1999), How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) and Frost/Nixon (2008). He has also worked in two films by director Paul Thomas Anderson. A professional artist, Jim exhibits and sells his realist oil paintings. As a designer/cartoonist, he created dozens of characters, weapons and vehicles for the original "Thundercats" animated series. Jim continues to dazzle audiences with his improvisational skills and appears regularly on L.A. stages.

Last year, Jim helped create laughter during lockdown, when he joined a stellar cast including Barry Bostwick, Renee Taylor, John Schneider, Lynda Purl, Don Most, Susan Ruttan, Fred Melamed, Jane Kaczmarek, Robert Wuhl and Audrey Landers, to name a few in the virtual hit series VIRAL VIGNETTES ( Vignettes Trailer ), now featured in festivals across the country. Jim is now headed to Atlanta to start work on a new series from the creator of Schitts Creek, in a recurring role on THE BIG DOOR PRIZE.

Meskimen is currently available to discuss ...

  • His new role in the upcoming series, The Big Door Prize for Apple TV.
  • Son of Golden Globe and Emmy nominated actress Marion Ross of Happy Days fame.
  • Voice of Colonel Sanders in advertising for KFC since 2017.
  • Appearing in All Star Virtual series Viral Vignettes
  • Currently appearing as Senator Gurney with Sean Penn and Julia Roberts in GASLIT, Watergate era limited series.
  • Guest starring in American Auto and next season of HUNTERS.
  • Starred in his own series on Pop TV, Impress Me (opposite Ross Marquand/Walking Dead).
  • Five films for director Ron Howard, including The Grinch and Apollo 13.
  • Classically trained painter, also a professional cartoonist/illustrator.
  • Designed characters for original Thundercats series for Rankin-Bass.
  • Competed as an impressionist on America Got Talent in 2013 and got a standin


  • Jim's episodes on Gaslit launched on Starz.  He worked with both Julia Roberts and Sean Penn in this limited series about Martha Mitchell and her Watergate whistleblowing. Clip from Gaslit with Julia Roberts
  • Jim has just been cast to play Phil Donahue in the yet untitled "Chippendales Project"
  • Jim has launched an online course on How to Become a Working Actor, with special courses in Voiceover and even Impressions.  Available at:

Meskimen is married to actress Tamra Meskimen and they have a daughter, Taylor Meskimen. His mother is Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated actress Marion Ross of Happy Days (1974) and the critically-acclaimed series, Brooklyn Bridge (1991) and was the driving force behind the success of her best selling memoirs, "My Days: Happy and Otherwise.

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