As we approach a hopefully post pandemic new year, who better than the legendary Emmy nominated actress Dee Wallace and star of so many horror and suspence films, as CUJO, The Howling, Critters, The Hills Have Eyes, 13 Fanboym The Frighteners,  and, of course, Speilbergs ET: The Extra Terrestrial and Just Add Magic (to name only a few of her 264 films), to address the subject of fear, the unknown and self creation.

Dee has become an expert at creation, as prvoen by the 264 films, 6 series and over 200 commercials she has garnered over her career.  Many of the lessons she has taaken form her work and, in fact, much of the teaching in the book are a result of what she learned on ET: The Extra Terrestrial.

A best selling author numerous times over, her latest book, BORN, with a compantion book for children entitled BuppaLaPaloo & the I LOVE MEs, is a gift to her millions of fans and anyone who is facing the realities of reinventing themselves or concerns of a covid world.

& Companion book for Children
BuppaLaPaloo & the I LOVE MEs

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Internationally known for her five series, and over 250 films/TV movie credits, including CRITTERS, THE HOWLING, CUJO, and the number one blockbuster, E.T. the EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL (Celebrating its 40th in 2022), Dee Wallace, an Emmy nominated actress, is also a best selling author and a multi-nationally respected authority on the art of self creation for over 30 years.

Dee continues to conduct her weekly call-in radio show with over 500 episodes, monthly webinars and private sessions worldwide. Like E.T., she teaches us how to truly “get back home.” Dee has authored five books on the subject of self-creation:

Pertinent Topics to discuss with with Dee Wallace about BORN

  1. How did E.T. teach all the principles of creation?
  2. How does spirituality, religion and brain science concur with each other around creating your life?
  3. Why is love so important to get what we want?
  4. What do you mean by "have a love affair with The Universe?
  5. What is your favorite story of manifesting something in your own life?
  6. What is a favorite story of how your clients have manifested something in their own life?
  7. Why do you say that most of us are not asking and choosing what we want?
  8. What is "the love place" and why is it so important?
  9. Why are we afraid to ask for what we want?
  10. Isn't it selfish to focus so much on what I want? Won't it take away from others?

Conscious Creation, The Big E!, Bright Light, Getting Stuff and Wake Up Now! BORN and BuppaLaPaloo (children’s book) are her sixth and seventh offerings. Dee conducts private sessions worldwide from her home in Woodland Hills, California via phone and in person.

“You’ll have a smile on your face from the first page of this book. Dee Wallace covers the universal principles of creation and manifestation in a way that crackles with life and humor ... Dee has worked with thousands of clients, and illustrates her practical teachings with inspiring stories of how they succeeded. You’ll see how it often takes just a tiny shift in thought and feeling to make dramatic changes to your external circumstances.” — Dawson Church, best-selling author of Bliss Brain: The Neuroscience of Remodeling Your Brain for Resilience, Creativity and Joy

“Like E.T.’s famous phone call home, Dee Wallace’s, Born, is an invitation for you to call the Universe in order to manifest all the love, health and prosperity that you desire. ... Don’t wait another moment to get started on this journey to shine your light of joy and love into the world! Dee Wallace’s, Born is a masterful and inspired love letter written to the self-creating Universe—and that means you.” — Donald Altman, best-selling author of The Mindfulness Toolbox, Simply Mindful, and the novel Travelers

In BORN, she expands the concepts of Law of Attraction exponentially and awesomely simplifies everything you think you know about the power of Self-Creation. BORN is NOT a book about affirmations, visioning, Dark Energy, Self-Protection, or waiting for directions from God, the Guides or the Angels, Karma, or Struggle. It IS a book about Directing Energy, Knowing, Neutrality, Self-Actualization, Knowing You are the Power, Claiming Your Desires, and Easy Creation. Wallace’s BORN is a powerful book about how Spirituality, Brain Science, and Religion are all teaching the same principles, and how you can easily use them in creating your life. Dee is a strong advocate for accepting the power of love.

With over 250 credits to her name, Ms. Wallace is a true tour de force in the industry, working with countless producers and directors and some of Hollywood biggest names, including Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Wes Craven, Joe Dante, Lewis Teague, Stephen King, Blake Edwards and Rob Zombie. Her many film credits include "The Hills Have Eyes," "The Howling," "Cujo," "Secret Admirer," "The Frighteners," "10" and of course, her role as Mary in Steven Spielberg "E.T., The Extra-Terrestrial." She has also appeared in 5 television series, and 400 commercials. She is currently starringin "The Nest" and "13 Fanboy."

As a much sought after speaker, Dee has spoken at numerous national and international venues and outlets including TED Talks, the Love and Harmony Forum in Japan, The Dillon Lecture Series, Unity Temple, The Kansas Film Commission, and asked to speak in China, New Zealand, Amsterdam, Australia, England and all across the United States and Canada. Dee has appeared on every major news and talk show and has been featured on E! True Hollywood Stories, and Oprah.

BORN by Dee Wallace/Briton Publishing LLC
* Paperback
ISBN: 9781956216028
Publication date: Dec 1, 2021
133 pages

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In addition, Dee has released BuppaLaPaloo & the I LOVE MEs the most powerful little bear on the planet

SYNOPSIS: A lonely, sadlittle boy sits alone on a bench. BuppaLaPaloo enters and asks what's wrong. The little boy explains he doesn't know who he is, because everyone else is giving him definitions around how they see him: shy, not big enough, not a good playmate, etc. BuppaLaPaloo explains that the only person who can define him and decide who he is, is him! BuppaLaPaloo leads him through the process of deciding what he wants, and then deciding to BE that. The boy ends up stating exactly who he is in a powerful way that ends with joy and hugs all around. The lessons of BuppaLaPaloo books are centered on self-love, empowerment, choice, and action for children at the beginning stages of defining themselves, which define their lives.

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