Ozzie & Harriet / The Lucy Show / My Three Sons - "The Importance of Being Ernie": A true Hollywood survivor, Barry Livingston is one of the few child stars who turned early success into a life long career. As "Ernie" on the 1960s sit-com My Three Sons-Barry became instantly recognizable for his horn-rimmed glasses and goofy charm - America's prototype Nerd.  Five decades later, after working on TV and film hits from Mad Men and Desperate Housewives to The Social Network and Argo, this one time child star beat the odds and survived the dark side of the Hollywood dream factory-with charm, wit, and determination. Within days of being spotted, Barry was cast as one of Paul Newman's children in the 1958 comedy Rally Round the Flag, Boys. Much to the consternation of the movie's director, comedy legend Leo McCarey (The Marx Brothers' 1933 classic Duck Soup).  At the age of eight, Barry was suddenly in demand as the "kid next door" and was featured on such popular situation comedies as The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and The Dick Van Dyke Show and in such movies as "My Six Loves" with Debbie Reynolds.  He also appeared on The Lucy Show 1963, starring America's favorite redhead, Lucille Ball. In one, Lucy attempts to give Barry a haircut, with disastrous results.  Barry remembers, "To a nine-year-old-kid, there was nothing more terrifying than to have Lucille Ball coming at you with a giant pair of scissors."  Now, he has firmly established himself as a hard-working and always reliable character actor. He has appeared on such TV shows as Mad Men, Two and Half Men, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Monk, Big Love, Crossing Jordan, Will and Grace, the West Wing, and many others. He is a favorite of director David Fincher and had a featured role in the box office smash The Social Network. Adam Sandler, also a fan, cast Barry in Don't Mess With the Zohan.  Barry can currently be seen in the highly anticipated "Jersey Boys" movie directed by Client Eastwood. A detailed bio can be viewed below.

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