ALISON ARNGRIM / Confessions of a Prairie Bitch: How I Survived Nellie Oleson and Learned to Love Being Hated: Alison Arngrim is most recognized for her iconic character of Nellie Oleson on the 11 year hit series "Little House on the Prairie." When asked about the public's response to her famous alter-ego, Alison says "Someone has called me a bitch to my face every single day of my life since I was 11 years old."  Her New York Times best selling memoirs are selling at an unheard of average of 1,000 a month and listed as one of the best TV Books on Amazon and #2 in Kindle e.books (Nonfiction/Arts & Entertainment / Television), prompting Harper Collins to proudly announced the books released in paperback. In the book, she discusses fame at an early age into a family of successful entertainers and how the role of Nellie Oleson, in fact, saved her life by removing her from a home where she was living as a victim of incest. How her childhood experiences caused her to accept the role of activist on behalf of abused childen before Congress later in life. On Tuesday August 13th, Alison testified before the CA state Senate in support of Senate Bill 145 by Sen. Fran Pavley (D-Agoura Hills), which would raise the maximum penalty for egregious child pornography offenders. Her complelling testimony helped to secure the votes neccisary to pass the legislation.

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